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frequently asked questions

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To modify your order, simply visit your account page and you will find the edit order button

To change your shipping address, kindly email us or send us a message by live chat and send us the updated shipping address

Yes, you can. Based on the shipping method you choose at checkout, you can either get your products on the same day or the next day based on your location

We don’t accept credit card payments because it takes a lot of time for payments to be processed

To identify scam sites, you will realized they don’t add tax to their products and most of their products are considerably less. Also this scam sites don’t have a valid FFL

To get a refund, kindly visit our contact page, and fill in the form while uploading a screenshot of payment. Refunds will be available within 48 hours

No, tax is automatically calculated based on your location. Tax is displayed at the Cart and Checkout page

We keep your personally data so long as you have an account on our site. Your data is used to personalized your experience on our site

We accept payments just manually because of security reasons. A lot of hackers try to get track our payments online, so by collecting payments manually ensures we are safe and your money is safe

We offer two methods of shipping, priority shipping and standard shipping. Priority shipping takes 1 day for your products to be shipped and standard shipping takes 3 – 5 days for your products to be shipped

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